Medical Patients

MedicalPatients represents patients in a facility. It includes limited information about them that cannot be used to identify them (those are stored in PersonalDetails)

Searching For Patients

type SearchConfiguration {
  text: string // the search string to be used 
  organization: string // the facility id to use to limit the number of results

For easier search of MedicalPatients via their PersonalDetails, a convinience operator $search is implemented. it accepts a SearchConfiguration object that will be used to match the following fields:

  • name.firstName (fuzzy match, case insensitive)
  • name.lastName (fuzzy match, case insensitive)
  • name.firstName and name.lastName (when searchstring has the characted , will be used to search combination of both fields with last name first)

Connecting A Patient Account

a MedicalPatient can be associated to an owner account (aka PatientAccount) via 2 ways:

  • a privileged user updating MedicalPatient.account to the uid of an Account; or
  • creating an AccountInvitation with type patient w/c would send an invitation code to an account that it can use to signup and be automatically linked to a chosen MedicalPatient


An account-invitation can be created using the account-invitations API's create method.

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