Medical Encounters

MedicalEncounters represents a patient's journey/visit. it would be used to associate multiple MedicalRecords, the Billing information, Diagnostic records, and other services rendered to the patient

Creating Encounters

A medical encounter can be started using the medical-encounters API's create method.


  • A create payload with invoice: true will auto create an associated BillingInvoice.

Finishing Encounters

MedicalEncounters should be marked as finished at the end of the actual patient visit as it would cascade to finalizing the associated MedicalRecords created during the visit (they would be considered drafts otherwise). To finalize an MedialEncounter, a special patch operator finish: true can be use in the medical-encounters API's patch method.


curl <base-url>/medical-encounters/<encounter-id> \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer <accessToken>"
-d "{
  "finish": true,

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