BillingInvoice represents a customer's or patient's payables.

Invoice, Items, and Payments

Each BillingInvoice can contain multiple BillingItems to represent each line item that must be paid by a customer or patient. Each BillingItem can also have one or more BillingPayment to represent each payment type and amount a customer or patient made for a specific BillingItem. Each BillingItem must be added to the BillingInvoice before finalizing it while BillingPayments can be made event after finalizing the BillingInvoice.

Creating Invoice

A billing invoice can be created either by using the billing-invoices API's create method or by creating a MedicalEncounter with invoice: true on its payload.


Created BillingInvoices are drafts until finalized.

Finalizing Invoice

BillingInvoices should be marked as finalized at the end of the actual patient visit as it would cascade to finalizing the associated BillingItems created during the visit (they would be considered drafts otherwise). To finalize an BillingInvoice, a special patch operator finalize: true can be use in the medical-encounters API's patch method.

Removing Invoice

Deleting an invoice will also delete all associated BillingItems (w/c would also delete all associated BillingPayments)

Creating Invoice Items

Created BillingItems are drafts until finalized either via directly finalizing the BillingItem or via the cascading effect of finalizing an BillingInvoice.

Creating Payments

BillingPayments can be created even after finalizing a BillingInvoice. Multiple BillingPayments can be created for a specific BillingItem to represent patient payments or multiple payment methods but the total amount cannot exceed the total payable amount of a BillingItem.

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